Get Involved!

As with any open source project there is a LOT of work to be done, so we need a diversity of profiles to take up all sorts of tasks in MANY areas. We have a pretty good starting point for most things, so have a look at the list below and contact us for whatever you may need.

Your help is extremely necessary and very much appreciated!

  • We use the issue tracker

    To formalize and detail bug fixes, patches, feature requests. Usually after discussing them on the mailing list AND after checking if a ticket about the issue already exists. ISSUE TRACKER

  • We use the documentation wiki

    Specially the Developers Section to explain and register patches and solutions. DOCUMENTATION WIKI

  • We use GIT and GitHub

    To control our code, develop fixes and enhancements and share them together following GIT best practices, with the Pull Request workflow. GITHUB

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There are many ways you can help grow the coreBOS project and all help is very needed and appreciated. From donations to testing, passing through contracting our services, every little bit helps. For example, many of the features that coreBOS has were paid by users who needed that functionality and donated the code back into the open source project.

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The rest of information you need is:

On the Developers Section in the wiki, that is where you will be able to find the “How to Contribute” and “Project/Issue pages” among other development information we create as we push forward.