coreBOS the software that works the way you do.

When it comes to a CRM solution, one size doesn’t fit all businesses. That’s why coreBOS lets you to not only easily add industry specific modules and custom buttons but also change the overall look and functionality to match your business.

Download the code

CRM Software

You can get the latest and greatest version of the code on GitHub. Once on the GitHub project page, click on the Download zip button to obtain the latest package. The master branch in the GitHub repository will always be a stable release. It may not be tagged as an official milestone because it is in constant development, but we are working on fixes and enhancements on other branches and only put tested and validated code into the master branch. NOTE: that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have bugs, it does, for sure

coreBOS for Users

Installing process


  • Apache 2.0.40 or above
  • MySQL 5.1.x
  • PHP from 5.6 to 7.x

File Permissions

Read and Write permissions should be enabled for user/group who owns webserver process (like www-data or httpd or apache).


The recommended way to install coreBOS is by direct version control with git. That way you will be able to easily keep up to date with our constant development. Read this!

  • Download the source code from GitHub
  • Copy the code into a folder in accessible from your webserver install
  • Type in the URL of the folder into your browser
  • You should get the Configuration Wizard welcome page
  • Follow all the steps of the wizard Note: You can find the full description here
  • If all goes well you should receive a verification page welcoming you to the application. Press the Finish button to reach the login page
  • Execute the database changes. For this, you should login to the application as the admin user, go to the coreBOS Updater module and click on the Get Updates button. Go back to the list view and click on the Apply All button
  • Now comes all the fun: first configure the application and then create users to start

You can find a step by step explanation on the documentation site.

Modules and Extensions

There are a lot of modules and extensions available freely on our github project page. Some of the modules available for vtiger CRM on their forge are still functional and we have a LOT of modules and extensions available for our coreBOS subscription users.


coreBOS and most of our modules and extensions are distributed under a slightly modified MPL or Vizsage license but some GPL projects do exist. Consult the license on each individual project you want to use.