coreBOS is Born

coreBOS was born as a continuation of the famous and powerful vtiger CRM 5.x

I have to start saying that this project is not a fork of vtiger CRM, at least not in the enemy or bad sense, if it is a fork it would be in the github, friendly mode.

We do not have a bad relation with the vtiger company nor with the community, we plan to keep investing time in vtiger CRM 6 and future releases, although it will probably be less than what we have done for the 5.x branch.

In fact I have to admit that I like a lot of things I see in vtiger CRM 6 and will most probably downgrade some of them, I think vtiger is going down the right track and with the change in community support of the past weeks (incredible!!) they may just pull it off. :-)

We aren't creating this project out of disrespect or spite, but

  • because we believe that the 5.x branch could be taken much further,
  • because a very big user base exists for 5 and these users don't care if 6 is easier to program in, they want to be productive and get their problems solved,
  • because a lot of developers time has been invested and a lot of very good extensions created,
  • because we don't want to invest all the necessary time to learn a new application,
  • because VT6 is immature, it is a new application
  • ...
  • simply because we can, that is the beauty of open source.
Our intention is to give support to the big user and developer base for 5 and take that branch where it was destined to go.

Welcome to coreBOS!