Getting Started

coreBOS for Users

There are a few resources you must consult to start using and adapting coreBOS to your business.

coreBOS for Developers

coreBOS is an incredibly powerful and flexible piece of software ready to be adapted to many business use cases. It is used worldwide as the base enterprise service bus upon which the company plants it's foundations to grow and adapt to the future.

There are basically three fronts to developing in coreBOS:

  • vtlib development for new modules and manipulating existing modules
  • events, hooks and workflows to adapt the functionality of the application
  • webservice API to integrate coreBOS with other systems

Installing coreBOS

The best way to install coreBOS is using the tools your operating system already has. Install the LAMP/WAMP stack supported by your computer and then install GIT.

Use GIT to clone the project and then install it normally. This way you will be able to follow us as we develop, fixing bugs, making enhancements and creating a superb business software.

You can find a step by step explanation on the documentation site.


coreBOS is a business application software. That means that it is production ready to manage your business and packed with a feature rich set of functionality to cater to the needs of many companies. So there is no direct and easy way to just install it and have it govern your company, you have to dedicate time to understand how it works and how you can adapt it to your business.

That said, the initial steps to get it up and running aren't difficult in themselves. Using the links above you should be able to get the initial setup ready to start adapting. Once that is setup your most valuable resource is the community, really, start asking for help, search previous questions and help others as you push forward in your personalization.

Besides recurring to the community there are basically two paths to follow:

  • Read the wiki documentation and book resources available
  • Contract analysis and customization services from us or one of the many community members/partners

Looking to Help?

There are many ways you can help grow the coreBOS project and all help is very needed and appreciated. From donations to testing, passing through contracting our services, every little bit helps. For example, many of the features that coreBOS has were paid by users who needed that functionality and donated the code back into the open source project.

Reporting issues, answering on the forum, writing and promoting the project,... the list is endless.

Go have a look at the Getting Involved page, we look forward to your contribution!