Welcome to coreBOS

The one stop software solution for your business.

coreBOS stands for core Business Operating System. coreBOS is a business empowering tool, an adaptable software program that will help your business accomplish it's goals. It is a free and open source software application (licensed under VPL/MPL) that tries to help small and medium business handle all the day to day administration tasks and support the many difficult decisions that need to be made.

Our mission and goal

Our mission is to help businesses do their business empowering them with software tools and solutions.
In line with that mission, our goal with the coreBOS initiative is to create an open source software framework that will empower your business to help your clients

coreBOS stems from a long standing CRM (Customer Relation Management) tool and excels in this area, but it has outgrown the CRM arena a long time ago, extending it's reach to many ERP functions.

The ideal market segment for coreBOS is service oriented companies but we have successfully installed and adapted it for other types of companies where warehouses and stock control is important.

So, in short: coreBOS is a software application ready to help you manage and put in control your business, right out of the box.

Albeit the previous statement, the real strong point of coreBOS is it's flexibility and adaptability. It is:

  • easy to enhance adding new modules
  • easy to adapt and configure using workflows
  • easy to enhance adding new functionality through events and hooks
  • easy to integrate with other systems through it's webservice interface

In general, easy to adapt it to the needs of your business and make it work as that real core Business Operating System your business needs to stand and grow upon.

We invite you to start your journey by joining our forum, having a look at the documentation and trying out the application.

Welcome to coreBOS