coreBOS Family

A short list of some of the proud members of the coreBOS Family

The coreBOS Family is a set of tools and extensions that complement, in one way or another, the base coreBOS open source software. In some cases, they are full blown stand alone programs adapted specifically to solve certain market segment problems and which can be used in general, while some are so specifically adapted to the business model that they can only be used by that company.


The one stop software solution for your business.

coreBOS Mail

The Roundcube-coreBOS/ vtigerCRM integration project.Put your email and information together and under control!

coreBOS Business Intelligence

The Elastic-coreBOS/ vtigerCRM integration project. Put your information together and under control!

coreBOS Apps

coreBOS Apps is an environment inside coreBOS where small, specific applications can be executed and placed on screen in small windows.

coreBOS Customer Portal

open source application that will permit your customers to work directly with you.

coreBOS Webservice

open source tool to help developers work with the coreBOS webservice interface

coreBOS Documentation

coreBOS open source documentation and tutorials.


Open the flow of new clients and convert your company in an automated selling machine.[In Spanish]

coreBOS Law

Specially catered to the Legal Office Departments and Buffets, this application will help you manage all the business in your Law Office.

coreBOS Medical

Specially catered to the Medical Office, this application will help you manage all the business in your Medical Office.