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0000340coreBOSFunctionalitypublic2016-08-24 23:372017-03-06 14:33
Assigned Tojoebordes 
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Summary0000340: Our sites with blocked x-frame
DescriptionAt our sites bookmarks with https not working.

Https sites block that open inside form.

Create a option for open bookmark at new window at this case
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ejimenez (updater)
2017-01-11 21:23

I have done a change so it always opens in other window.

If you like I can summit it, but I don't know how
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joebordes (manager)
2017-01-11 22:45

you have to create a git pull request to add the code to coreBOS.

High level it is something like this:

- create a fork of corebos on github
- clone your fork
- create a new branch: git checkout -b branch_name
- make and test your changes
- commit the change (inside the branch)
- push the change to github: git push
- git checkout master to get back to the main fork
- now go to your fork on github and select your branch you will see the "create pull request" button [^]

That is ideal because that way your contribution is respected. If all that is to much zip the modified files, ideally a patch and upload it to this ticket, I will take it from there.

Note: if you give me your git user I can try to force your user name on the commit so credit goes where it is due :-)
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ejimenez (updater)
2017-01-12 05:52

git is a juggle of terms which I do not really grasp yet, but I think I manage to send you a pull request.
User avatar (0000523)
joebordes (manager)
2017-01-12 09:18

Yes, git is a complicated beast if you want to get to know all the details, but the power and flexibility it brings is just to important to ignore.

The pull request you made is perfect, so take your time, one step after another :-)
User avatar (0000556)
joebordes (manager)
2017-03-06 14:33


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